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If I Were a Boy, 2019


Who is a woman, who is a man? If we ask the classics, it is with advantage that men are the subjects, those who want and love the most. Here, the two men take turns being the driving parties in the situations without feminizing the opposite party, the woman, the object. The result is an effective visualization of the imbalance and imperfection in the lust it is usually portrayed, the love that refuses to take a no. If I Were a Boy is a performance looking at the Swedish man. The actors are absolutely brilliant in handling the demanding material under the auspices of Vesterskov ” – Boel Gerell

Director: Liv K Vesterskov. Actors: Carl Gustafsson and Viktor Nyström Sköld. Room and video: Etta Säfve. Text concept: Jörgen Dahlqvist. Costume: Katrine Hoffmann and Maria Sloth. Sound and light design: Mattias Alheim