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Pusher4, 2019

Nicolas Winding Refn’s feature film “Pusher” has defined Denmark, a particular Danish masculinity. The film, which has become part of the Danish film canon, is about masculinity, violence, drugs, and gave a picture of especially Copenhagen as a violent place filled with “gangsters”. In Pusher4 Vesterskov examines the Danish identity and the Danish film industry. The performance look at Danish masculinity (based on Pusher) in the encounter with Swedish feminism. It’s about gaining a view of oneself and having the opportunity to negotiate one’s gaze.

“Everything is dark around the Danish man, but wearing a loose mustache Liv K Vesterskov opens to the comic in the hard, dark”- Boel Gerell


Idea and concept. Liv K Vesterskov, Text: Jörgen Dahlqvist, Room and video: Etta Säfve, Jona Elfdahl. Actors in video: Ulf Rönnerstrand, Jona Elfdahl and Carl Gustafsson Music: Kent Olofsson. On stage: Liv K Vesterskov