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Education / Residencies 
Artistic Master in Theater at Malmö Theatre Academy Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University, Sweden, 2016 Theatre and Conceptual Performing Arts Malmö Theatre Academy, Sweden, 2014 The Theory and Practice in Theater, Lund University, 2011 AFUK, Academy of Unbridled Creativity, Copenhagen, 2008 MGK Denmark – music school, Aalborg, 2009 Nørresundby Gymnasium & HF, Aalborg 2006 

Olle Lind’s Scholarship 2015 – STIFT OLLE LINDS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION FOR YOUNG ACTORS. “For her ability to weave together the different languages of the stage, and for her willingness to articulate herself richly in several different genres. Through acting and musical skill, intellectual curiosity and humor, she creates stage art where body, literature, music and spectators find common, new and unexpected expressions. She embodies the frontier’s attitude in a variety of ways, and she always does it with a sense of ease. ” SPARBANKSSTIFTELSEN SKÅNE – “To show great knowledge with elegance and self-esteem In the theater’s artistic practices as well as in the contemporary discussion of aesthetics, the Life Foundation’s scholarship 2016 is awarded.” 

Zooésis, 2020 If I Were a Boy, 2019 the cartographer, 2018 Pusher4, 2018 Tre Systrar, 2018 Arvtryk, 2017 Mermaids, 2017 Place – a journey through Google, 2016 Vintersagan, 2016 THEN I WAS LIKE, 2014 

Död åt välfärdsstaten, 2019 Konvergens, 2018 Join – the Rhythm of a Joint venture, 2017 Karlskrona/Malmö, 2017 Skellefteå/Malmö, 2017 SIX EFTER RENÉ POLLOCK´S SEX NACH MAE WEST, 2016 I Skuggorna, 2016 Three From the Earth, 2013 Between Us, 2012

Other projects 
Switch -X- dimensional, 2017 37.2- From here to Eternity, 2018 He(a)r, 2016 The End of History II: (br)exit ghost, 2016 Virtual Presence Physical Absence #1-6, 2013-14

Artistic metod at Malmö Theatre Academy Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts. 2016-2019 Workshop in storytelling at VIA University College – The Animation Workshop Viborg DK. 2014