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“Du slutade titta på mig, för om du skulle titta så skulle du se på vilket sätt jag skilde mig från dig och du kunde inte stå ut med det. Du var rädd för att du skulle drabbas av den förbjudna känslan främlingskap. För att du inte skulle tycka om min skillnad. Du skulle se min skillnad och du skulle känna vämjelse inför den och det skulle vara skam.”

Konvergens, 2018


Konvergens is a sound piece in which meeting, crash, convergence, relocation and negotiation are in focus. In a broken chamber game for two actors, one soprano and one electro-acoustic musician, we ask what meetings – wanted and unwanted – carries. What is identity and what happens when one party is prepared to renegotiate its identity “too much”? Where are the boundaries of the territory and is it possible to let someone step in and renegotiate the rules within one own’s borders? What responsibility for the meeting may be required of man? May conflict and difficulty be allowed to be inside this meeting or must the meeting be painless? Is it even possible to talk about the meeting without an experience of violence through definition and generalization? The music, consisting of electroacoustic music and soprano, plays a role of weight. Its main purpose is to use complex soundscapes and move drama between different metaphysical levels. The places created through these soundscapes are constantly changing from, for example wide-ranging areas to small claustrophobic spaces that affect the interaction between the (physical) characters.

A produced by Teater Mutation. Actors: Liv K Vesterskov and Rafael Pettersson. Director: Annika Nyman. Song: Agnes Ragna Ulrika. Light design: Anton Andersson. Music: Fabio Monni Text: Annika Nyman