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tre systrar, 2018

“It’s about a female experience in our time. “– Theresa Benér 

The sisters are 8, 18 and 28 so it is undoubtedly a very big and answering challenge for the actor to take on the task of shaping everyone on stage. It does, however, make Vesterskov very skilled and with smooth switches between roles. From the child’s big-eyed take on the world, there is a leap to the teenager’s exploration of the adult world. To this is added the more experienced perspectives and reflections on the structures of the adult woman. The multi-talented Vesterskov works with film and in the performance, moving images also form an important component. The documentary film images add another dimension to the spoken word and reinforces the atmosphere that the text generates. Through Vesterskov’s strong radiance and ability to shape the different layers of the text, it becomes a performance that touches and grabs hold. It is a play worth both seeing and hearing that asks relevant questions about what we all do with our lives. – Skåne Dagbladet.

Anton Chekhov wrote “Three Sisters” in 1900 and the play takes place in a city in the countryside in Russia. The three sisters dream of going to Moscow. Liv k Vesterskov’s play takes place in Scandinavia Today and is partly based on the actor’s life and family. – Ulf Mårtensson
At the same time as the autumn terror is raging outside, it is summer on the scene. Vesterskov gives a personal, documentary poetic depiction of the state of society and also focuses on questions about body and identity. The text grows and Vesterskov’s performance is personal and without affectation. – Andrea Grapengiesser


Text, idea and concept: Liv K Vesterskov. Directed by: Linda Ritzén and Jörgen Dahlqvist. Video: Liv K Vesterskov. Sound composition: Jörgen Dahlqvist. Lighting design: Anton Andersson. Technician: Mattias Alheim. On stage: Liv K Vesterskov Producer: Anna Johnson Björk