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37.2- From here to Eternity, 2018

A young couple somewhere in Sweden has just had their pregnancy confirmed. On the ultrasound, an infinitely small embryo has been seen, as a confirmation of the new life that awaits. The same day the young woman’s sister arrives. She comes with the reminder of dark conflicts in the past that the couple hoped to leave behind. Affected by the mercy of love, the three are led into a triangle drama where winning to the highest degree also means losing. 37.2 ° – From her to eternity is a newly written work in classic tragedy – with loose intertextual connections to Tennessee Williams Line lust and the French 1980s classic Betty Blue – exploring the choice to try or not try to “raise” children. The play problematizes the view of children and parenthood as a right for those living in heterosexual ambiguity. It is also a drama about horses, the dream of moving away, the world in a changed economic system, desperation, the longing for rescue and the need to save.

Video: Liv K Vesterskov. Text: Fredrik Haller and Annika Nyman Diactor: Fredrik Haller On stage: Marianne Klasson, Viktor Sköld, Elin Skarin.  Light and room: Anton Andersson. Sound: Jörgen Dahlqvist