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Skellefteå/Malmö, 2018


A myriad of voices from Skellefteå in the north to Malmö in the south which together create a picture of our time. A hyperrealistic view in two acts in the span between rural and urban. Theater Weimar’s new performance Skellefteå / Malmö is a story in two acts about a person’s life and death. In the aftermath of two events – the sabotage of a gas station in Skellefteå and several years later a knife stabbing in Malmö – we get to know a number of people who in different ways have been affected and react to what happened. The show tries to put a puzzle together around who the person everyone is talking about really was through the various fragments of memory that emerge during the course of the story. Skellefteå / Malmö investigates things such as what a truth is and what they can be (in times when facts are made to a personal interpretation of the world) and where the interpretation of what has happened is negotiated in the performance. The show is close to reality to get a fresh look at ourselves and our time.

With around twenty speakers, video projections and acting, Teatr Weimar’s Skellefteå / Malmö examines the curiosity and hyperrealism in text, video and audio work with the aim of exploring a new narrative form for the theater.

On stages: Linda Ritzén and André Christenson. Voice: Liv K Vesterskov, Carina Ehrenholm, Malin Molin, Frida Stavnes, Wayra Monasterio, Tim Dillman, Marcus Råberg, Mark Base, Erik Holmström, Saga Gärde and others Concepts: Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson and Linda Ritzén Producer: Anna Jonsson Björck