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“I want someone to pay for my presence. I want someone to choose to shop my workforce. I want to be the fantasy of that person’s increased quality of life.”


Six after René Pollesch’s SEX nach Mae West is a newly written text-audio composition for an electronic musician and two actors, a work that engages in work, finance, language and private life. It is based on the idea of work and the private as two phenomena that are and should be separated from one another, and are concerned about jobs, buying opportunities and selling opportunities – that is, opportunities for transactions. cannot be separated from human desire. It tries to set boundaries that will make life less unbearable.

Six after René Pollesch’s SEX nach Mae West is made very freely after Sex nach Mae West (Berlon 2002) which René Pollesch made very freely after Mae West’s commercial sex father’s SEX! (Broadway 1926).

Actors: Liv K Vesterskov and Antoine Reinartz By: Annika Nyman (text and director) and Mattias Peterson (composition). Light & room: Kerstin Weimers. Costume designer: Sera Cederberg.

Produced by Teater Mutation