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Vintersagan, 2016


The meaning of life can only be understood if life is told. If random life events are put together in a saturated story, life makes sense. (Karen Blixen’s variation on Kirkegaard’s famous aphoristic truth that life can only be understood backwards). Vintersagan is a sad true story about the inland ice that is no longer as it should be. And it has an underlying destiny message that Karen Blixen, despite writing her winter stories in the middle of the fiery world war and Nazi occupation, could hardly imagine. – Björn Gunnarsson. This is not a traditional stage room. The technical equipment and instruments are clearly visible at tables assembled in rows left and right. Straight out a white wall. Comprehensive pictures from Greenland are projected on the wall. Alternately there are landscape images and more abstract ice pictures. There is a magnificent picture of the northern lights. It becomes a visually powerful background with a considerable scenic scope. On stage, the musicians create sound effects, sounds and rhythms that occasionally grow into soundscapes. But there are also moments of total silence – Clement Altgård 

Idea, concept, room and photo: Liv K Vesterskov. Musik and sound design: Björn Lindberg. Musik and percussion: Mario Ochoa. Kostum: Katrine Hoffmann. On stages: Liv K Vesterskov, Björn Lindberg and Mario Ochoa. Text: Liv K Vesterskov, Annika Nyman and Jörgen Dahlqvist.