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The show is happening between 4 people on stage, 4 playwrights and 24 audiences, who each evening create a shared story based on the audience’s memories. Before the audience sits down to watch the show each visitor has to go through a 3-minute interview. After all the interviews have been carried out, four writers have twenty minutes to put together the manuscript based on the answers from the audience. The cast on stage don’t know the manuscript, they get the texts as the show progresses through instructions in their headphones. 

“HAUT’s opening performances are deeply impressive. The performance is so clear and complete, that there will be a lot to live up to for the next artists who visit HAUT. ” – KBH magazine

Ida and concept: Liv K Vesterskov. Kostym/scenografi: Katrine Hoffmann. On stages: Gustaf Rosenberg. Lise kroner, Jonas Nilsson and Liv K Vesterskov. Text: Chris Van Der Weide, Emma Bexell, Stefan Stansic and Thor Wissing Lange.