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Krig og Fred, 2008

In the cozy and quiet little Scottish village, Fidich, the women rule. In fact, there are only women and children in the village – yes! and then a single slightly aging man who is only there for a purpose. The boys are sent away when they reach adolescence. The village enjoys protection from the surrounding towns because the women fabricate some unusually beautiful and good knives.
This idyll is suddenly broken when Vikings from Lindholm Høje attack. Since it dawns on the Vikings that it is only women and children, they are most willing to kill everyone and take all the values
By cunning, however, things go differently and the Vikings postpone their departure.
Thereby there is a basis for intricacies, fraud, intrigue, infatuations and power struggles.

Text: Peter Simonsen Director: Susanne Sangill Music: Jakob Rose Choreographer: Gitte Vad Stagefight instructor: Kaar Hvad Sound: Niels Valentin and Ronni Bech
Actor: Michael Derlev, Liv K Vesterskov, Lars Dreyer and Søren Skriver Rasmussen
Extras: Lucas Simonsen, Lærke S D Christensen, Mads Jensen, Maria Juul Pedersen, Maria Volfgang Bæk, Marian Lorentzen, Mark Kloch Haurum, Martin Brath, Mathilde B Jørgensen, Melanie Lassen, Mette Hau Larsen, Michael Bonderup-Knudsen, Michael L R Sørensen, Michelle Andersen, Mie Johansen, Morten Pontoppidan, Nanna Haugaard Lorentzen, Natasha N Mølgaard, Nicklas Hansen, Niels-Peter Bagger, Niklas Bak Kristensen, Pernille Rita Ringsborg, Rosemarie Grøn, Rune Harpøth, Rune Thing Amorsen, Sara Dahl Olesen, Sarah Lovdal Frederiksen, Selma Kathrine Beck Andersen, Simone Nielsen, Sissel Skov-Blendvig, Søren Jensen