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Liv k Vesterskov created stage art that combines body-oriented acting and music – Kent Sjöström, 2020 Her research in projects asks poetically and personally questions about what it is to be human, the interpersonal in our contemporary society. With a photographic poetic imagery and her own artistic way of looking, she uses the camera to examine and collect material, which together with her texts, forms a world where abstraction, documentary reality and poetic sharpness meet. Her work carries with it both a fragility and a courage in the cinematic images – Etta Säfve, 2020 With her strong radiance and ability to shape a texts different layers it becomes performances that touches and grabs – Clemens Altgård, 2019

Liv was born in 1988 in Nordjylland in Denmark. Today she lives in the south of Sweden and works across borders.


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