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I Skuggorna, 2016

In the shadows is a notion of missing and revolves around the grief when a parent dies. In the shadows is a performance that mixes music performed by Ensemble Lipparella, with text and with video projections and soundscapes.

Koncept och text: Jörgen Dahlqvist och Kent Olofsson. Carina Ehrenholm (voice), Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov (voice) och Linda Ritzén (voice). Kostume: Sandra Haraldsen. On stages: Kent Olofsson and Ensemble Lipparella: Mikael Bellini, (counter-tenor) Kerstin Frödin, (blockflöjter) Louise Agnani, (viola da gamba) Ana Lindal, (barockviolin) and Peter Söderberg (teorb).